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Simple Organogram Templates

Organogram is a unique way of portraying the organizational relationship. It is a graphical display of the hierarchy, line of command, and communication within the management layers. This visual organizational structure particularly helps new employees to remember, who they have to report to and take instructions. Managers often find it difficult to organize their line of authority on a document. It takes time and planning to develop a professional org chart. However, with the help of Simple Organogram Templates, one can steadily craft an eye-catching org chart. Moreover, here on our site, we are going to offer you professional and simple layouts. That will elevate your business’ operational capacity and efficiency.

Benefits of Simple Organogram Templates

Using simple organogram templates has plenty of benefits for employers and employees. Management can easily break down their organizational structure with the help of these templates. Furthermore, these org charts, sophisticatedly portray the chain of command. For instance, who will make the decisions, and how the communication will flow. In addition, it will also clarify communication channels and rank relationships among management and their counterparts. These templates also allow the management to make hard copies of it and share them with relevant ranks, departments, stakeholders, clients, and the general audience. As a result, it improves organizational credibility to a great extent.

Simple Organogram Template

This organogram template has a generic layout in MS Word format. Using this template, won’t cost you anything at all. As it is totally free. It is a vertical display of an organization chart. Furthemore, this template is commendably helpful for medium to large-scale businesses. Management can use this document to provide insight to their employees regarding their organization. In other words, staff will follow formal ways of obtaining information and work accordingly. In this style of working, employees have less autonomy as they have to follow certain guidelines given by superiors.

One can easily download this MS Word document to prepare their organizational chart. Moreover, this template allows customization and you can easily add information to the given settings. Starting from the top of the org chart, you can mention your company name on the left side. After that, this template will let you include the hierarchy names and positions in the respective objects. Similarly, you will go down by adding the information to the lowest workforce. In addition, these interconnected lines will outline the relationship between departs and staff. In the bottom area of this vertical structure, you can incorporate the organization’s vision and mission as well. Most importantly, this template comes with no cost, so you can get this printable org chart straight away.


Here is a preview of this Simple Organogram Template:

Simple Organogram Template 01.

Here is the download link for this Simple Organogram Template.

Simple Organogram Template

It is another example of an organizational chart that works as the opposite of the vertical org structure. It is flat and also called a horizontal chain of command. This design is being created by professionals. That is best for small and medium-scale organizations. In this type of structure, communication flows informally. In other words, the staff assesses the requirement and sends information to the top. Moreover, this type of business follows decentralized decision-making. Ultimately, it boosts staff confidence and brings improvement to their operational tasks.

You can start by adding the company name and logo at the top of this simple org template. Right after that, it will enable you to include vision and mission statements. Likewise, this template will let you add your CEO, managers, and counterparts’ names in assigned fields. This type of chart is called a flat org structure. Therefore, it doesn’t have multiple management layers. To sum up, this template is also available on our site as a freebie. So press the download button and get this template now.

Simple Organogram Template 02.


Simple Organogram Template

Here is another vertical structure template available for large entities. It depicts the top-down line of actions and authority altogether. Most decision-making power prevails at the top of this specific structure. In this type of org structure, roles and tasks are being defined at each level of the hierarchy from top to bottom. Moreover, in this environment, top management gets the prompt tracking of the subordinates. They can place the person best suited for the tasks. Therefore, it brings high productivity to the staff to meet organizational goals.

Furthermore, this template comes with exclusive customizability characteristics. So, you will have flexibility in using it as per your choice. You can follow the instructions in the pre-defined objects to display your hierarchy. It won’t consume much time, as within minutes you can update this document. So download this simple template in a zip folder after clicking the download button below.

Simple Organogram Template 03.


Simple Organogram Template

If you are starting or restructuring your business, then the following template is for you. This template will simply help you define your vision and mission with a chain of command in the org chart. This fundamental document laid out the organizational structure that will determine how things will progress. Moreover, this vertical structure will help in timely decision-making and job allocation to the staff. With a clear-cut communication channel, there will be no ambiguity among employees.

Moreover, this simple org chart shows different stages of hierarchy with different colors. You can update the name and designation section conveniently. Once it is done, it will help you to add your vision and mission at the top of this vertical chart. Similarly, this document will allow you to include your organizational history for audience attention. In short, this template also has no price at all. So you can grab this exclusive opportunity before it gets too late.


Simple Organogram Template 04.


Simple Organogram Template

This is another example of a top-down organization structure. That is highly important for large and medium scale businesses. It outlines the relationship between each department and staff members. Which sets the road map for the business with a clear line of action. Furthermore, this template removes hitches and hurdles among new employees. They will quickly respond to the guidelines of their superiors. As a result, it will produce optimal results for the business.

Besides that, this template has a user-friendly theme. You can easily add details of your business hierarchy with name ranks in respective objects. In addition, this template will allow you to mention your vision and mission statement under the org chart section. Now, getting Simple Organogram Templates hasn’t been the problem anymore. You can download a variety of templates here or browse several online sources that provide org chart templates.

Simple Organogram Template 05..


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