Organogram Template – Horizontal Structure

Here is an Organogram Template with Horizontal Structure that can easily help anyone to represent their organization staff in a horizontal layout. This Organogram Template is created using MS PowerPoint 2013 and hence it is quite easy to edit or tailor as per any specific situation.

A horizontal organizational structure is known as flat organization structure and is the opposite of a vertical organizational structure. In a horizontal organization structure, there is no middle management and all the employees are usually free in making their day to day operational decisions and are accountable to only one manager. The top management of horizontal organization structure is usually dealing with the first line management or with the employees of the company personally. The decision making in horizontal organizational structure is decentralized where employees are welcomed by the top management for sharing their ideas therefore; a horizontal organizational structure is more innovative as compared to a vertical or controlled organizational structure. Horizontal organization structures are common and suitable for small businesses because there is usually less workforce. Due to the lack of a large work force the horizontal organizational structure has an informal style of management. It is basically an employee oriented approach in which the goals are determined by the top management and employees are then free to choosing ways for the accomplishment of those goals. Managers are acting like leaders whose responsibility is to provide proper guidelines as well as an assessment of their work.

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Organogram Horizontal Structure

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Horizontal Organization Structure – What you need to know?

The decision making in horizontal organizational structure is informal in which all the workers are free to participate and therefore it has more chances of getting growth and success due to a productive and innovative type of decision. The structure emphasizes on the collective goals of the organization and therefore is appreciating a team work. Due to the emphasis on teamwork, the relationship between the management and employees are friendly, cordial and productive. The horizontal organization structure always focuses on the procedures and techniques that are used by employees for the accomplishment of different tasks rather than focusing on individual job description and job specification. In a horizontal organizational structure, employees have more chances of getting success and appreciation because management is always appreciated and encouraging unique and innovative ideas. For the betterment of the workforce, horizontal organizational structures are usually organizes different learning and training sessions as a result of which employees have more chances of getting improvement in performance and skills.

In horizontal organizational structures, though the workforce is free in choosing procedures and making decisions about their daily operations but it does not mean that the top management has given them a free hand. It is the responsibility of the top management to keep a close eye on the activities of their workers and provide them guidelines. Similar to other organizational structures, horizontal organizational structure has also a couple of flaws. The biggest disadvantage of a horizontal organizational structure is that it is only suitable for small businesses because in large businesses or organizations it is not possible for the management to create a contract with all the workers personally. Horizontal organizational structures usually offer learning opportunity to their workers that in turn making their responsibilities complex and so many employees are then feeling stress and dissatisfaction. Top management usually offers incentives for group work that sometimes result in inter group conflicts, especially when there are some lazy and ineffective workers in a group.